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  Dr. Gruby takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to your health where your problems are addressed with the goal of identifying the cause of the  problem rather than only focusing on the symptoms.  

He has expertise in physical rehabilitation, sports medicine, soft tissue therapies, clinical nutrition, foot orthotics, low force chiropractic manipulation of joints and soft tissues, and the management of pain/inflammation.  

Dr. Gruby has success where others have failed because he takes the time to fully understand you as an individual and address all the factors that contribute to your health.  He is also up to date on current medical research, which can strongly affect your treatment. 

Dr. Gruby ensures that his patients are well educated about their problems and what treatment methods we will use so that you are comfortable and know what to expect.  He is a very strong advocate for preventative medicine and will make every effort to help you choose a healthy lifestyle. 






New Info Health Bulletin

"High-Dose Zinc Lozenges May Reduce Duration of Cold Symptoms"

This study evaluated various trials of the effect of low dose zinc and high dose zinc on common colds. The 5 trials using a total daily zinc dose of less than 75 mg found no effect on common cold duration, whereas pooled data from 3 trials using zinc in daily doses exceeding 75 mg showed a 42% reduction in the duration of a cold.

Source: The Open Respiratory Medicine Journal. 2011;5:51-58.